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A research consultancy that aims to provide the ideas, insights and information to help non-profits thrive.

nfpSynergy help charities track their profile and engagement levels amongst their key stakeholder groups through regular, syndicated surveys and bespoke projects, providing a range of quantitative and qualitative research services.

nfp's syndicated tracking surveys are called Monitors. They allow charities to discover the opinions of vital groups like the UK and Irish public, MPs, journalists and young people. The Charities Awareness Monitor (CAM) and Celtic Charities Awareness Monitor (CCAM) enables charities to find out how they are perceived by the general public. Politicians in the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh and Northern Irish Assemblies can also be surveyed.

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Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor (nfpSynergy)

nfpSynergy's Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor (CCAM) enables charities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to find out how they are perceived by the general public.