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Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR)

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CEDaR was established in 1995 by the Ulster Museum, with the active support of the Environment and Heritage Service (DoE NI), as the Local Records Centre for Northern Ireland.

The aim of CEDaR is to collect, store and disseminate information on the distribution of flora and fauna as well as geological sites within Northern Ireland and its coastal waters. It will give advice and information on how to record local flora and fauna, and provide links to local groups and societies.

Damian McFerran
[email protected]

CEDaR, Ulster Museum, Botanic Gardens, Belfast

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CEDaR Online Recording Wildlife Database

Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CeDAR) Online Recording is a crowdsourced database of wildlife sightings in Northern Ireland, run by National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI) and NI Environment Agency.
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