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Suicide Deaths

Quarterly and Annual Suicide Statisitics for Northern Ireland

For the purposes of suicide statistics, the definition of suicide extends to include 'deaths from self-inflicted injury as well as events of undetermined intent' (ICD-10 codes X60-X84, Y87.0, Y10-Y34 and Y87.2), which includes events where available information is insufficient to enable a medical or legal authority to make a distinction between accident, self-harm and assault.

As with most death statistics, suicide statistics are produced by year of registration of the death, which may be different from the date of occurance on each death certificate. As it may take a number of months or years before each cause of death can be registered, the year of registration is not always the same as the year of occurance. See this dataset for the time difference between occurance and registration of suicide deaths.

This dataset is based on data published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and used under the Open Government Licence (version 3), for more on suicide death statistics see here. The most recent (2015) figures were gathered from the Registrar General Quarterly Reports.

Lifeline Helpline: 0800 808 8000

Samaritans Helpline: 116123

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