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Statistics on a number of measures of health inequality and inequality gaps across a range of health indicators:

Life Expectancy Premature & Preventable Mortality Hospital Admission Rates Circulatory Respiratory Cancer Alcohol, Smoking & Drugs Mental Health Public Safety Pregnancy & Early Years Diet & Dental Health
Life Expectancy at Birth - Male Potential Years Of Life Lost - All Standardised Admission Rate - All Standardised Admission Rate - Circulatory Standardised Admission Rate - Respiratory Cancer Incidence Rate Standardised Admission Rate - Alcohol Standardised Admission Rate - Self Harm Fire Response Times* Infant Mortality Rate* Childhood Obesity - Primary 1
Life Expectancy at Birth - Female Standardised Death Rate - Amenable Standardised Admission Rate - Emergency Standardised Death Rate - Circulatory (U75) Standardised Death Rate - Respiratory (U75) Standardised Death Rate - Cancer (U75) Standardised Death Rate - Alcohol Crude Suicide Rate Ambulance Response Times* Smoking During Pregnancy* Standardised Dental Registration Rate*
Standardised Death Rate - All Age All Cause Mortality (AAACM) Standardised Death Rate - Preventable Standardised Admission Rate - Elective* Standardised Prescription Rate - Statins   Cancer Incidence Rate Standardised Admission Rate - Drugs-related Mental Health Standardised Prescription Rate - Mood & Anxiety   Teenage Birth Rate  
  Standardised Death Rate - Avoidable Standardised Admission Rate - Day* Standardised Prescription Rate - Antihypertensive   Standardised Death Rate - Lung Cancer  Standardised Death Rate - Smoking     Low Birth Weight  
                  Breastfeeding on Discharge  

* Available for HSC Trust areas but not for LGD areas.

Rates are given as cases per 100,000 of the population.