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State of the Sector - Workforce Chapter

The data presented in this section illustrates the estimated size and characteristics of the workforce in the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland.

Data used within this section is primarily taken from NICVA’s 2014 Workforce Survey as well as data held on the NICVA database. Every two to three years NICVA conducts a Workforce Survey which provides a comprehensive overview of the voluntary and community sector workforce in Northern Ireland.

The 2014 Workforce Survey explored a broad range of issues including workforce profile, salaries, pensions, recruitment, retention, restructuring, training, benefits and future trends.  The survey was sent to 3,327 organisations across the sector and generated a response rate of 17.2% (n= 572).  The survey comprised of two parts. Organisations were first asked to complete an online questionnaire covering a wide range of areas such as staff benefits, training, recruitment and retention. Organisations that completed the questionnaire were subsequently asked to complete a salary grid for each member of staff in their organisation. The salary grid was returned for 946 staff.

Where appropriate direct comparisons have been made with previous Workforce Surveys, State of the Sector reports and with other sectors.

You can read the chapter and topics that use the datasets in State of the Sector.

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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area (WKT)
POLYGON ((-8.16926 55.4436, -5.08667 55.4436, -5.08667 53.8702, -8.16926 53.8702, -8.16926 55.4436))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Northern Ireland
Temporal Coverage
01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014
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Rachel Shannon
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