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Marine Litter Survey (Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful)

Data collected on the types and number of items of litter found on Northern Ireland's beaches.

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful carries out regular litter surveys of beaches in Northern Ireland.

The surveys are carried out in line with the OSPAR Guidelines for monitoring marine litter on beaches.

Marine Litter Surveys are carried out in two degrees:

  • 100m: a comprehensive survey of all items found over a 100 x 20 metre stretch of the coastline (2,000m2)
  • 1km: a survey of larger items only (>=50cm) found over a 1,000 x 20 metre stretch of the coastline (20,000m2)

The same areas are repeatedly surveyed once every season on each of the beaches (typically in January, April, July and October). 

Each data file relates to one of these surveys, covering all of the beaches included in the survey period.

In 2015, surveys were not carried out for Spring, Summer or Autumn due to a lack of funding.

Beaches and locations included in the Marine Litter Survey (beach map)
OSPAR Beach ID Beach Beach Type Notes
UK025 Ardglass Harbour Beach (East Coast)  
UK026 Ballyhornan East Coast Beach  
UK027 Balls Point North Coast Beach Survey stopped during 2016
UK028 Ballywalter East Coast Beach  
UK029 Cloughey East Coast Beach Survey stopped during 2016
UK030 Drains Bay East Coast Beach Survey stopped during 2016
UK031 Hazelbank East Coast Beach Survey stopped during 2016
UK032 Kilkeel North Harbour Beach (East Coast)  
UK033 Portavogie Harbour Beach (East Coast)  
UK034 Rathlin North Coast Beach  
UK035 Rostrevor East Coast Beach  
UK036 Runkerry North Coast Beach  
UK037 Tyrella East Coast Beach  
UK038 White Park Bay North Coast Beach  

All Northern Ireland beaches are within OSPAR Region 2 (Celtic Seas).

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Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful
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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area (WKT)
POLYGON ((-7.16858 55.401, -5.25421 55.401, -5.25421 53.8914, -7.16858 53.8914, -7.16858 55.401))
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Northern Ireland
OSPAR North-East Atlantic
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01/09/2013 to 31/07/2016
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Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful