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Invest NI assistance to local businesses

Financial assistance offered to locally-owned companies by Invest NI April 2011 to September 2014

This dataset contains information on Invest NI financial assistance to support locally-owned companies, offered between April 2011 and September 2014. The data was obtained from a Freedom of Information request made to Invest NI in 2015. 

Information on an additional £28million of offers to 1,789 locally-owned companies was withheld by Invest NI. Please note that this dataset is not a full representation of all Invest NI support as it excludes sole traders (this data could not be released due to data protection), businesses that have availed of non-financial support, and externally-owned businesses.

Disclaimer: There are no allegations of wrongdoing against Invest NI or against any business that received support or any other party.

The Detail Data article also makes use of population totals for the former LGD areas, facts and figures from the Inter-departmental Business Register (IDBR), NI Multiple Deprivation Measures, NISRA Urban Rural Classifications and Claimant Count statistics.

The summary tables include breakdowns of financial assistance and jobs figures by Parliamentary Constituency, as well as the number of businesses in each Local Government District.

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Invest Northern Ireland
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Open Definition
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area (WKT)
POLYGON ((-8.18481 55.3479, -5.40527 55.3479, -5.40527 54.0271, -8.18481 54.0271, -8.18481 55.3479))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Northern Ireland
Temporal Coverage
01/04/2011 to 30/09/2014
Financial assistance offer
Data Dictionary
All prices are in £GBP in nominal prices. District councils are the older Local Government Districts that existed prior to April 2015. “Special Approval” (under the source of funding/scheme column) is primarily used to support the activities of External Delivery Organisations such as the Councils and Universities. CCMS is Invest NI’s customer management system.
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Bob Harper
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