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Individual Giving Survey 2013

NICVA's Individual Giving Survey researches how much money people in Northern Ireland donate. It looks at what charities individuals donate to, how they donated and why.

The 2013 survey was carried out by Ipsos MORI as part of their Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey.

A representative sample of 1,008 adults in Northern Ireland aged 16 and over were interviewed face-to-face regarding their donations to charity between April and May 2013.

Interviewees were asked the following questions:

  1. Considering all the ways there are to give money to charity, from planned giving such as direct debits to collection boxes, over the last four weeks have you donated any money to charity, or not?
  2. In total, how much money would you estimate you have given in the past four weeks?
  3. Over the last 4 weeks have you donated a gift in kind to charity such as bags of clothes or goods to a charity shop, or not?
  4. a. Have you included a gift to charity in your will, or not?
    b. (if 4a=no) How likely is it that you would consider leaving a gift to charity in your will?
  5. Have you ever donated to charity via mobile phone?
  6. In these tougher economic times, have your donations to charity decreased, increased, stayed the same or stopped altogether?

The results of the survey were weighted according to individual's characteristics (e.g. income level, household size etc). Find out more about NICVA's Individual (Charitable) Giving Surveys here.

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POLYGON ((-8.27271 55.2791, -5.49316 55.2791, -5.49316 54.04, -8.27271 54.04, -8.27271 55.2791))
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Northern Ireland
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01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013
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Andrea Thornbury
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