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GP Prescribing Data

Monthly prescriptions data at GP Practice level.

GP practice level prescribing data is obtained from the BSO’s prescribing and dispensing information systems.

For each GP practice in Northern Ireland, and for each medicine (by presentation), dressing and appliance, the following information is provided for each month:

  • number of prescribed items that are dispensed
  • quantity of tablets, capsules, liquid etc. dispensed in units, millilitres or grammes
  • gross cost (before any discounts or added fees)
  • actual cost (net ingredient cost minus an average discount plus a container allowance)

Practices are identified by a Practice Number. These can be cross-referenced with the GP Practices lists.

Presentations are referred to by name and by their British National Formulary code.

The data includes all prescribed medicines, dressings and appliances that are dispensed each month from a GP Practice. If a patient does not take a prescription to a dispenser and get it provided to them, then the information will not be included in the dataset. Private prescriptions are not included in the data. Hospice items are excluded. Post-payment adjustments are excluded.

UPDATE: These datasets are now available from the OpenDataNI Portal - visit for the most up-to-date assets. There are no plans to publish GP prescribing by Practice for products dispensed prior to April 2013.

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Northern Ireland
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