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Dataset detailing road closures as a result of security alterts. The data was provided by PSNI in response to a Freedom of Information request.

Includes date of the closure, the nature of the incident (by code, see table below) and the name of the road closed.

Detail Data have added in the APPROX_X and APPROX_Y fields, which give the approximate location of the road closed (i.e. not the location of the alert). These have been generated from a geocoder.

BMBS This category covers reports of bombs including hoax bombs.
CRDM This is where criminal damage occurs during an incident.
EMEI This covers emergency incidents.
EXIN This category covers those involving explosives.
FIND This covers reports of a find, both terrorist and crime related.
FRAM This category covers incidents and non-notifiable crimes involving firearms and imitation firearms as well as firearms licensing offences that are not notifiable crimes.
FRRM For use where a firearms offence has occurred, including firearms offences endangering life.
PGRA To be used to record incidents/information relating to activities generated by the police.
SRCH Covers search for any reason.
SUPK This category is for a report of a package or object seen in suspicious circumstances or in a location that causes concern. It also includes incidents involving substances or materials which cause concern for public health (‘white powder’, ‘anthrax’, ‘ricin’ or similar incidents). It includes incidents involving unexploded munitions (e.g. WW2 bombs or munitions such as mortar rounds etc).
SUSC Reports that something has happened to arouse suspicion but no vehicles, people or packages are obviously involved.
SUSV A report that a vehicle is acting in a suspicious manner or that a
vehicle is parked or being driven suspiciously.
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