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Carers Allowance

Postcode district level data on Carers Allowance Claimants, including amount, gender, age, and other benefits.

The data included in this download includes Postcode District (i.e. BTxx) level data as well as age group breakdowns of claimants aged 65+, not typically published as part of the quarterly Benefits Statistics Summary releases.

You can find more regularly published Carers Allowance statistics (by administrative areas) on NISRA NINIS.

About Carer's Allowance

Carer's Allowance is a benefit paid to people who care for another person who receives certain disability-related benefits for at least 35 hours a week (full eligibility criteria). 

It is not means-tested and is taxable. The usual rate is £62.10 a week (2016/17 rate).

Claimants of Carer's Allowance who receive some other 'overlapping' benefits may not be entitled to a payment, but instead receive National Insurance credits (full details of the effects on other benefits).


  • Source: Department for Communities Analytical Services Unit MIDAS scan, May 2015.
  • There is a difference between 'claimants' and 'recipients' of Carer's Allowance:
    • Claimants: clients on the administrative system at the reference date.
    • Recipients: clients on the administrative system at the reference date who currently receive a benefit payment.
  • Claimants who do not receive a payment (i.e. are not recipients) receive National Insurance credits only due to overlapping benefits.
  • Numbers have been rounded to the nearest ten. As a result, totals may not appear to sum. Some additional disclosure has been applied to very small numbers.
  • In some instances a postcode cannot be matched either because it is missing on the system or not recorded correctly.   It should not be assumed unassigned customers are distributed proportionately across all the areas.

For more information on Carer's Allowance, click here.

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