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Carers’ assessments and reassessments

Quarterly carers' statistics for Northern Ireland from the Department of Health.

A carer is defined (for these statistics) as someone who provides or intends to provide a substantial amount of care on a regular basis. It does not include someone who is providing care by virtue of a contract of employment, a volunteer working on behalf of a voluntary organisation, a foster carer or anyone who is providing personal assistance for payment either in cash or kind.

Carers assessments gather data for the purpose of determining a carer’s needs and eligibility for services to sustain their caring role. 

This dataset contains statstical information on the number of carers assessments and reassessments offered, accepted and completed, or declined, with breakdowns by client group and HSC Trust, as well as reasons for declining and assessment or reassessment, over quarterly time periods.

You can find more Care at Home statistics, including on direct payments, domicially care, and Meals on Wheels.

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Department of Health (NI)
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POLYGON ((-8.16926 55.4436, -5.08667 55.4436, -5.08667 53.8702, -8.16926 53.8702, -8.16926 55.4436))
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Northern Ireland
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