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Car or Van Availability to Households (2011 Census)

Data from the 2011 Census on how many cars or vans NI households have available to them, by Small Area (SA).
The colours show the percentage of households in each Census Small Area of Northern Ireland which did not have access to their own private car or van (including company cars) at the time of the 2011 Census. Hover over each area to view the exact percentage and the number of cars and vans that belong to households in that area. You can find more detail in the dataset linked to below.


The originial inspiration for this map is from Tom Forth, who made a similar map covering England and Wales, and Scotland


(The colours may take a while to load).


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Modified Date
Release Date
Open Definition
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area (WKT)
POLYGON ((-8.16926 55.4436, -5.08667 55.4436, -5.08667 53.8702, -8.16926 53.8702, -8.16926 55.4436))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Northern Ireland
Temporal Coverage
Small Area (SA2011)
Data Dictionary
Cars or vans: This applies to the number of cars or vans that are owned, or available for use, by one or more members of a household. This includes company cars and vans that are available for private use. It does not include motorbikes or scooters, or any cars or vans belonging to visitors. The count of cars or vans in an area relates only to households. Cars or vans used by residents of communal establishments are not counted. Small Areas (2011): created by amalgamating 2001 Census Output Areas which were built from clusters of adjacent postcodes. Small Areas nest within the 890 Super Output Areas and the 582 Electoral Wards in Northern Ireland. There are 4,537 SAs in Northern Ireland. For more information see
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Bob Harper
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