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Built Heritage at Risk Northern Ireland

A register of historic buildings that are under threat from neglect, ignorance or future development.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) sponsors the Build Heritage at Risk Northern Ireland (BHARNI) Register. The Register is compiled, on NIEA's behalf, by The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society (UAHS)  

The register includes buildings, listed and unlisted, and monuments. The register ranks the buildings according to their appearance and whether they are in use, but buildings might be in better, or worse, condition than they appeared to be when added to the register (date added is included). However, it is a simple way of making sure buildings in need of help are known to as many people as possible.

The online BHARNI database has since been restored to the nidirect website. You can access it here.

In addition to the BHARNI database, related information is included in this dataset:

  • Funding of historic buildings from the Historic Buildings Unit (HBU) and other streams (NGO Funding, Heritage Led Development, and the Carrier Bag Levy 2014-15) 
  • Fire damage to historic buildings 2005-2015
  • Historic buildings that have been delisted, 2005-2015

If you feel a building or structure should be added to the Register, or if you have further information about such a property, please contact UAHS.

Data from this dataset was used in the Detail Data story Building on the Past.

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Ulster Architectural Heritage Society (UAHS)
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POLYGON ((-8.18481 55.3416, -5.35034 55.3416, -5.35034 54.0529, -8.18481 54.0529, -8.18481 55.3416))
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Northern Ireland
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Ulster Architectural Heritage Society (UAHS)
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