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Ambulance Response Times

Data from investigations by into emergency response times by the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service. undertook investigations into the length of time it took ambulances to respond to emergency calls, in 2012 (for 2010-11) and again in 2014 (for 2012-13).

From April 2011, the Northern Ireland target is that an average of 72.5% of Category A calls should be responded to within eight minutes – and not less than an average of 65% in any health trust area.

Category A calls are those considered life-threatening by emergency dispatchers. Responses included in this data were met by either ambulance crew Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), or a Paramedic in a rapid response vehicle (RRV). The interactive map below shows postcode districts by the percentage of Category A calls responded to within 8 minutes. Locations of ambulance stations and emergency departments are also included.

The data is divided by postcode district (BT1, BT2 etc.) and contains the number of Category A calls received in the time period, the number of Cat A calls responded to within 8 minutes, the percentage of Cat A calls within the 8-minute target, and the longest wait and type of situation (e.g. cardiac arrest).

This contains data from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service. View in full screen.

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Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS)
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POLYGON ((-8.20679 55.3416, -5.36133 55.3416, -5.36133 54.0465, -8.20679 54.0465, -8.20679 55.3416))
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Northern Ireland
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31/03/2010 to 31/03/2013
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Postcode Area The number of Category A calls received The number responded to within 8 minutes by ambulance or rapid response vehicle (RRV) The percentage of Cat A calls responded to within 8 minutes The longest response time for a Cat A call The symptom group/complaint of this longest wait call Latitude Longitude plots for postcodes
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