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This publication presents information on the number of admissions with a diagnosis of medical abortion and termination of pregnancy to Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland during 2006/07 to 2013/14. It details information by HSC Trust, Country of Residence and Age Band.


The way in which a medical abortion is defined has been amended for the 2013/14 year, following an update to the National Clinical Coding Standards on termination of pregnancy.

Medical Abortion

Within the confines of ICD-10 code O04, this refers to the interruption of a live pregnancy for legally acceptable, medically approved indications. It also includes readmission with retained products of conception following a previous medical termination of pregnancy.

Termination of pregnancy (medical)

This is defined by any patient who has a live pregnancy terminated for indications that are legally acceptable and medically approved in Northern Ireland. Medical termination of pregnancy is a subset of medical abortion.