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What are the new Departments?

A quick look at what the new Northern Ireland Executive departments are and how they align.

Nine new departments came into existence on Monday 9 May, taking on the responsibilities of the 12 former departments that previously made up the Northern Ireland Executive. The changes form part of the 'A fresh start for Northern Ireland' agreement.

While in some cases there is a direct link between the old and the new (DHSSPS was renamed the Department of Health, the former DEL and DETI merged to become the Department for Economy), there was some cross-over and switching of functions between the old and the new.

For instance, while OFMDFM was renamed as 'The Executive Office, they no longer have policy responsibility for older people and the Active Ageing Strategy - those functions have transferred to the new Department for Communities (DfC).

The chart below shows where these transfers have occured. Old departments are on the left, and the new departments on the right. Hover over each of the links to get a view of the functions that have been transferred.


You can find more information on who is in charge of the new departments.

Acronym Full name New or Former Department
DAERA Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs New
DARD Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Former
DSD Department for Social Development Former
DCAL Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure Former
DoE Department of the Environment Former
DETI Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Former
DEL Department of Employment and Learning Former
OFMDFM Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister Former
DRD Department for Regional Development Former
DE Department of Education Former
DFP Department of Finance and Personnel Former
DHSSPS Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Former
DoJ Department of Justice Former