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The Detail Data Portal is a publicly-accessible data catalogue for open data from all sectors in Northern Ireland

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Background: Giuseppe Milo (CC-BY)


Farming, land management, arable, pastoral, livestock.
Children, young people, youth training, education, attainment, training, skills, development.
Charities, community groups, funders, social enterprises, network organisations
Crime, offending, reoffending, recidivism, prisons, policing, security, courts, justice.
The official measure of spatial deprivation is made up of a number of economic and social components.
Growth, output, production, services, construction, economy, R&D, innovation, turnover, value added, wealth, finance.
Renewables, electricity, heating, land, water, flora and fauna, built and natural heritage.
Public finance, public services, political representation, transparency, elections and local councils.
Health, leisure, healthy living, life expectancy, illness, inequality, disability, social care, mental health.
Employment, training, unemployment, apprenticeships, economic inactivity.
Population, demography, households, neighbourhoods, community.
Travel, roads, railways, air travel, passengers, cycling, transport, traffic, road safety.

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