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Youth Reoffending in Northern Ireland

This dataset provides information on the one year proven reoffending rate for the cohort of youths who received a non-custodial disposal at court, a diversionary disposal or were released from custody during 2011/12
  • The data was first published by the Department of Justice on 19 December 2014.
  • Statistical coverage is restricted to those criminal convictions in which the PSNI was involved.
  • Prosecutions brought by government departments, public bodies and private individuals are not included.
  • Breach offences (e.g. breach of probation) are not included.
  • 'Proven 'means' that a court conviction or diversionary disposal has been imposed by the end of the 6 month follow up period.

Data Sources

In Northern Ireland the main data source used to measure reoffending rates is supplied to the Department of Justice’s Analytical Services Group from the Causeway Data Sharing Mechanism (DSM1).

The information used is primarily created from an extract of records held on the Criminal Records Viewer (CRV). The CRV is held on Causeway and utilises data which originated from PSNI, along with data from Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service. Causeway is an interconnected information system, launched as a joint undertaking by the Criminal Justice Organisations (CJOs) in Northern Ireland.

Information is also provided from the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) case management system (PRISM) and the Youth Justice Agency regarding releases from custody. Information on these offenders is matched to information taken from CRV.

An offence is counted as a reoffence if it:

  • occurs within the one year observation period.
  • has been committed within Northern Ireland.
  • is prosecuted via the PSNI and not a third party (e.g. DSD can bring some cases of benefit fraud). 
  • is not a breach offence (e.g. breach of a probation order).
  • has been ‘proven’, meaning that a court conviction or diversionary disposal has been imposed by the end of the 6 month follow up period.

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