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Triax Area Older People's Health Survey 2014

A survey of the health needs of older people in the Triax Neighbourhood Renewal Area.

In October 2014 Brandywell and Bogside Health Forum in partnership with Old Library Trust (through their respective 'Getting on Well' and 'Health for Life' programmes) surveyed older people (55 years and older) in the Brandywell and Creggan Central ward areas in the first 2 weeks of December 2013, to identify their health needs and to inform future (winter) health programmes.

Every household in every ward was visited at least once and any resident over the age of 55 was invited to participate. The survey was then extended to the Triax Neighbourhood Renewal Area, made up of The Diamond, Strand, Westland, Creggan Central, Creggan South and Beechwood wards. These wards were surveyed over the period from up to April 2014.

According to the 2011 Census, 17,940 people usually reside in the target area known as Triax, comprising the 7 wards previously listed. The target population (i.e. number of people over 55 yrs), amounts to 4,290. Out of this, a total of 830 older people were interviewed, equating to 19.35% of the target population. The sample size is well within the +/- 5% margin of error.

The questionnaire asked about individuals' current health status, (including mental health), their support needs and barriers preventing them from accessing support and services in the local community, and any personal issues or concerns about the winter period.

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Brandywell and Bogside Health Forum, Old Library Trust
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POLYGON ((-7.36012 55.0077, -7.31455 55.0077, -7.31455 54.9853, -7.36012 54.9853, -7.36012 55.0077))
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Traix Neighbourhood Renewal Area
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Please see the questionnaire.
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Tommy Carlin, Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum
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