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Road Traffic Collision Data, Northern Ireland

Detailed data on road collisions in Northern Ireland which resulted in injuries to at least one person. Non-injury collision are not included in these datasets.

Dataset contents

There are three tables for each of the years covered, linked by an identifying number:

  • Collisions: containing information on the collision, such as location (including latitude/longitude), number of vehicles involved, severity, road conditions etc.
  • Vehicles: containing information on each of the vehicles involved in the related collisions, such as vehicle type, maneouvre being performed, whether an object on or off the carriageway was hit, driver details, whether a suspected hit and run was involved, etc.
  • Casualties: containing information on the casualties involved in the related collisions, such as age, gender, driver/passenger/pedestrian, injury extent, etc. Note that even if casualties were slightly injured they are included here as the level of the incident has been deemed serious or fatal (for other casualties involved).

The collision reference number ('coll_ref') is unique to each collision in each year and is present across each table so that vehicles, casualties and collusions can be linked. For each collision there will be 1 or more vehicles involving 1 or more casualties. Note that 'vehicle_id' and 'casualty_id' relate to the collision: they are not unique identifiers of their own.

Futher Information

The Police Service of Northern Ireland statistics on injury road traffic collisions are the main source of information used in Northern Ireland for monitoring and tracking trends on the number of persons killed and injured as a result of collisions on our roads. Headline statistics for road traffic collisions can be found on the PSNI website (including daily updates and historical statistics).

The collection process for these data includes the recording of details about the collision, together with the vehicles and casualties involved, which in principle can be easily discerned by the police either at the scene of the accident, or when they are reported to the police at a later date after the incident.

The figures on injury collisions collated by the PSNI for Northern Ireland are used alongside those for England, Scotland and Wales, to give the total figures of all such collisions for the UK. These datasets are similar to Department for Transport Road Accident Data series for Great Britain, however, the unique serial numbers in the three tables for each year have been given simplified numbers (1 to n) for the purposes of this publication of the data.

The 2013 and 2014 data was provided to Detail Data by the PSNI in July 2015, and used in the article Two years of death and serious injury on Northern Ireland's roads.

Dataset Info

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Police Service of Northern Ireland
Modified Date
Release Date
Open Definition
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area (WKT)
POLYGON ((-8.16926 55.4436, -5.08667 55.4436, -5.08667 53.8702, -8.16926 53.8702, -8.16926 55.4436))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Northern Ireland
Temporal Coverage
01/01/2013 to 31/12/2015
Contact Name
PSNI Traffic Statistician
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