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Places Apart: Exposing disparities in Northern Ireland’s 11 new councils

Places Apart was the first data story published by the Detail Data project, authored by Cormac Campbell.

Places Apart examines the disparities between each of Northern Ireland's 11 new councils (formed out of the previous 26 "legacy" councils). You can read the full article here.

The datasets behind the article are provided here. They look at:

  • Estimated council debt and assets per capita
  • Local rates (using a £150k home as an illustration)
  • Claimant count (% of population)
  • Median earnings
  • Educational attainment (% pupils 5 GCSEs A*-C inc. English and Maths)
  • Pupils entitled to free school meals (%)
  • Life expectancy men and women
  • Households in housing stress (% of population) and empty homes (%)

Mid-year population estimates were also used as part of this study.

The results have been used to construct a league table, ranking each of the councils from 1 to 11 on the variables above.

Additional datasets, relating to council areas but not used in the league table or the article, are also included here.

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POLYGON ((-8.21777 55.3479, -5.36133 55.3479, -5.36133 54.0013, -8.21777 54.0013, -8.21777 55.3479))
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Northern Ireland
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Bob Harper
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