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The tables in this file relate to owner-occupied housing, including co-ownership, mortgages, sales, prices, first-time buyers and moves.

  1. Northern Ireland Residential Property Price Index
  2. Number of Verified Residential Property Sales
  3. Northern Ireland Residential Property Price Index by Property Type
  4. National House Building Council (NHBC) Registered New House Sales and Prices 2002-03 to 2013-14
  5. Co-Ownership Housing Scheme Activity 2004-05 to 2013-14
  6. First-time Buyers: Lending and Affordability
  7. Home Movers: Lending and Affordability
  8. All Loans for House Purchase: Lending and Affordability
  9. Mortgage Cases Received 2002-03 to 2014-15
  10. Orders Made in Relation to Mortgages 2009-10 to 2014-15

The sources used in these tables can be found at

The full Northern Ireland Housing Statistics 2013-14 report can be found here: