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The data relates to the characteristics of Northern Ireland households or families in relation to housing, such as the type of accomodation lived in and how it is owned or rented, income and expenditure, and low-income households.

  1. Projected Households by Size, Northern Ireland, 2008-2023
  2. Projected Households by Type, Northern Ireland, 2008-2023
  3. Projected Households by Local Government District, Northern Ireland, 2008-2023
  4. Accommodation by Tenure 2013-14
  5. Household Type by Dwelling Tenure 2011
  6. Household Type by Dwelling Type 2011
  7. Difference From Bedroom Standard by Tenure 2013-14
  8. Average Gross Weekly Household Income and Expenditure by UK Region 2010-2012
  9. Average Weekly Household Expenditure by Commodity or Service, Northern Ireland and United Kingdom 2010-2012
  10. Total Weekly Household Income, Sources of Income, and Housing Costs by Tenure 2012-13
  11. Percentage of Households in Low-Income Before Housing Costs 2011-12
  12. Percentage of Households in Low-Income After Housing Costs 2011-12
  13. Average Rates Bill by Local Government District 2004-05 to 2013-14

The sources used in these tables can be found at 

The full Northern Ireland Housing Statistics 2013-14 report can be found here: