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This workbook contains two sheets, which summarise data in the main dataset Invest NI Financial Assistance to local businesses 2011-2014 (provided by Invest NI):

  1. Constituency breakdown
  2. By number of businesses (former LGD)

Sheet 1, total financial assistance to local businesses and number of jobs promoted per Parliamentary Constituency, 2011-2014. Mid-2014 population totals (NISRA) are applied to provide per capita amounts of financial assistance and jobs promoted*. Note that the values in the column 'financial assistance per job promoted' have excluded those offers of financial assistance where no jobs were promoted as part of the offer.

Sheet 2, the number of businesses in each former Local Government District are those published in Edition 17 (2014) of the DETI Interdepartmental Business Register (there is no constituency level breakdown in the IDBR). Businesses that are either VAT or PAYE registered with HMRC are counted in the Register. Note that the Northern Ireland figure include 670 UK businesses who operate in Northern Ireland but aren't registered to any NI LGD.

*Invest NI measures its performance in terms of "jobs promoted". Jobs promoted are those anticipated to be created at the start of a supported project. However, changes in how projects are successfully implemented mean that not all jobs promoted will necessarily be created (NI Audit Office).

Information on an additional £28million of offers to local companies was withheld by Invest NI. This dataset is not a full representation of Invest NI support as it excludes sole traders (this data could not be released due to data protection), businesses that have availed of non-financial support, and externally-owned businesses. 

Disclaimer: There are no allegations of wrongdoing against Invest NI or against any business that received support or any other party.