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Individual Giving Survey 2014

NICVA's Individual Giving Survey researches how much money people in Northern Ireland donate. It looks at what charities individuals donate to, how they donated and why.

NICVA’S Individual Survey is a series of research which examines trends of charitable giving in Northern Ireland. This research highlights changes in the percentage of individuals that donate, examines donation by age, the causes donated too, fundraising techniques, methods of donation and legacy giving. Ipsos MORI was commissioned to carry out the survey in March 2014. A representative sample of 1,010 adults in Northern Ireland aged 16 and over were interviewed face-to-face regarding their donations to charity over the previous four weeks. The sample was generated using probability based stratified random sampling, ensuring that the sample is representative of the Northern Ireland population in terms of key variables such as age, gender, marital status, working status, religion, social class, and geographical area. Where possible, this summary has made comparison to NICVA’s previous Individual Giving Reports published in 2010 and 2013.

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Open Definition
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area (WKT)
POLYGON ((-8.20679 55.3416, -5.36133 55.3416, -5.36133 54.0465, -8.20679 54.0465, -8.20679 55.3416))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Northern Ireland
Temporal Coverage
01/02/2014 to 15/03/2014
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Please see questionnaire
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Andrea Thornbury
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[email protected]
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