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Information on constituencies, including electorate, votes polled, turnout and spolit ballots, for the Northern Ireland Assembly Election on 2 March 2017. 

Key Description
Constituency_Name Name of the constituency that the candidate is standing in
Constituency_Number Identifying number of the constituency
Total_Poll Total number of votes cast
Spoiled Total number of invalid votes (n.b. whether spoiled intentionally or unintentionally)

Total number of valid votes to be counted (= Total_Poll - Spoiled)


Pass mark for total number of votes to be elected in any stage

Total_Electorate Total number of eligible voters
Turnout_pct Percentage turnout (= Total_Poll / Total_Electorate * 100)


Number of seats to be filled in constituency


Total population aged 18+ (n.b. some may not be entitled to vote due to residency status

Contains data from the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland, made available under the Open Government Licence (OGL)

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