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Information on elected candidates at the Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2017. 

Key Description
Constituency_Name Name of the constituency that the candidate is standing in
Constituency_Number Identifying number of the constituency
Candidate_Id {key} unique ID number given to each candidate
Firstname Candidate's first name
Surname Candidate's surname

If the member was an incumbent MLA at the end of the previous Assembly mandate ('1' true; '0' false)

Party_Id Identifying number of the party that the candidate is standing for election with
Party_Name Name of the affiliated party that the candidate is standing for election with
Candidate_First_Pref_Votes Number of first preference votes that the candidate received
Status Whether 'Elected' or 'Excluded' in the elections
Occurred_On_Count Stage of the count that the candidate was elected or excluded
Gender [M]Male/ [F]Female / [O]Other
Twitter Candidate's twitter @handle
Email Candidate's email address

Contains data from the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland, made available under the Open Government Licence (OGL), and from , under CC By-SA.

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