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Alcohol related admission rates 2006/07-2013/14 by local government/council area (2014 and 1992), constituency (Assembly Area), health and social care area and for Northern Ireland. Standardised admission rate for alcohol related causes (per 100,000 of the population). Results are standardised to the European Standard Population (2013) using the direct method.

Deaths and discharges are used as an approximation of admissions.

Alcohol-related admissions are classified using the ICD-10 codes E24.4, E51.2, F10, G31.2, G62.1, G72.1, I42.6, K29.2, K70, K86.0, O35.4, P04.3, Q86.0, T51.0-1, T51.9, X45, X65, Y15, Y57.3, Y90-91, Z50.2, Z71.4, Z72.1.