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360 Giving Data Registry

JSON feed of all known data in the 360Giving format

Requests to the endpoint will return a JSON file that contains a number of records about grantfunding datasets published by 360 Giving.

The JSON is an array of objects in the following format:

     "title":"Title of the dataset",
     "description":"Description about the dataset",
     "identifier":"An internal identifier for this dataset from our 
                  storage system",
     "license":"A link to the license information for this dataset. 
                  Should be a valid URL",
     "license_name":"A human readable title of the license given in 
                      the license field",
     "publisher": {
        "name":"Name of the organisation publishing this dataset",
        "website":"Should be a valid URL to a website of that publisher",
        "logo":"Should be a valid URL to a logo for that publisher. 
                You may not necessarily have permission to use this 
                logo for your own purposes.",
        "prefix":"The unique 360Giving prefix used by this publisher
                  to identify the grants they publish."
     "distribution":[ {
        "downloadURL":"A valid URL to directly access the data",
        "accessURL": "A valid URL, usually to a web page, where access 
                      to the downloadURL can be found. The web page 
                      usually has other useful information about the data",
        "title":"Title of the dataset"}

A list of all known data in the 360Giving format can be found at

Dataset Info

These fields are compatible with DCAT, an RDF vocabulary designed to facilitate interoperability between data catalogs published on the Web.
360 Giving
Modified Date
Release Date
Open Definition
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area (WKT)
POLYGON ((-9.75586 61.1856, 2.46094 61.1856, 2.46094 49.4396, -9.75586 49.4396, -9.75586 61.1856))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
United Kingdom
Contact Name
360 Giving
Contact Email