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Date of creation of record The date that information was extracted from the database into this spreadsheet for publication
Programme ID Operational Programmes are organised in a hierarchical tree structure. All Operational Programmes are sub-divided in Priorities, most priorities are further sub-divided at the second-level (sub-priorities) and some sub-priorities are further divided into sub-sub priorities. Even where no actual sub-division takes place for a level, a code is held for data coherence.
Programme Name  
Priority ID  
Priority Name  
Sub-Priority ID  
Sub-Priority Name  
Sub-sub Priority ID  
Sub-sub Priority name  
Delivery Agent Name of the Intermediate Body/Delivery Agent delegated by the Programme Managing Authority
Project ID number A unique number assigned to each project on the EU Funding Database
Organisation Name The name of the organisation applying for EU Funding for this operation
Project Name Title of the supported operation
Project Description A description of the operation supplied by the applicant organisation
Year approved The calendar year during which the operation was approved for EU Funding
Total Cost of Project* The full cost of the operation stated by the applicant organisation. This may exceed the Grant approved.
Total Grant approved* The total grant from public funds approved for the operation including both the portion funded by the EU and public match funding
Total amount paid to project*  
Community Funding approved/paid*  
Other Public funding approved/paid  
Total Public funding approved/paid  
Year Completed The year in which the operation was recorded as physically completed and final payments made. If this is blank, the operation is not yet completed.
Currency Code The currency in which the letter of offer is drawn up. Usually Sterling (STG) but may be euro (EUR)